Zuckerberg is Going to Launch New Privacy Updates for Facebook Users

Facebook is now planning to focus more on the privacy of the users while growing their revenue on one side. Privacy has become a big issue in the communication sector, and Mark Zuckerberg has stated that Facebook will now concentrate on increasing the privacy of its users. They are shifting to the encrypted services where people can stay confident that their messages and conversations are confidential and won’t stay in the databases forever.

He further added that this encrypted communication is the future of technology and Facebook is going to help with it. Zuckerberg stated that the company is planning to integrate messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram in the near future. He wants to make Messenger and Whatsapp the primary method of communication for the Facebook network.

There are so many questions that went unanswered. The company hasn’t revealed the time it will take for this integration process to complete and also how expensive it will be. The monetization through this integration is unclear.

Last year was indeed a tough year for Facebook as the company faced so many issues with privacy. The Cambridge Analytic scandal in March was a big blow to the company. Facebook advertising business was also ridiculed by so many people. Nearly 75% of US adults have removed the Facebook app from their phone due to the privacy breach. The revenue growth of the company in 2018 was very less too. The investors are worried about this integration of the apps due to several issues.

Already the marketing and advertising on Facebook are going through a significant shift as so many people these days are planning to advertise via stories on Instagram and Facebook. Now, this new communication shift is going to make things even chaotic. Zuck’s announcements have made it clear that the company will focus on various other aspects too and it is important for investors to know what those aspects are.

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