Zuckerberg Approaches Winklevoss Twins over Crypto-currency Issue

Facebook patron and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to have conveyed some of his employees to reach out to his previous batch mates at Harvard University, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, usually known as the “Winklevoss Twins” over crypto-currency matters.

The Winklevoss twins enhanced to billionaires after massively investing in bitcoins. They are also originators of Gemini Exchange, a Crypto-backed industry that also got the endorsement from the New York governors approving their launch of the Gemini bucks, a stable coin supported by the U.S dollar. The duo had before involved Zuckerberg in a court case challenging their ownership in the social media Facebook’s design. The Winklevoss twins were granted a $65 million arrangement from the trial.

Facebook is supposed to be on the progress to create its own crypto-currency to expedite its payment over WhatsApp.  This currency will enable over 2 billion Facebook users to exchange money and purchase products on Facebook’s other platforms such as Instagram, as stated to the sources. The twins announced in an introduction in Austin Texas, SXSW that their innovation was like’’ digital gold’’. CNBC did nevertheless not get a report from the Coinbase likewise after soliciting comment on the same. Gemini, on the other hand, rejected to comment the same to Facebook. Ben Mezrich, writer of The Social Network told CNBC that Facebook’s Zuckerberg has to approach the twins since they knew more about the crypto matter than he apprehended.

The Winklevoss Twins amassed a sum of 200,000 Bitcoins for $7 and when Bitcoin had touched $10,000 they had $ 2 billion, according to Mezrich. The likelihood of a Facebook coin lifted the cryptocurrency rate recently. Barclays in an announcement early this year said that Facebook’s cryptocurrency might be $19 billion wealth by 2021 if well set. Thoughts on this matter are highly awaited.

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