WalletGenerator.Net, Popular Key Generator Got Compromised

The security generators have issued two warnings to the crypto users who have been using the famous key generator WalletGenerator.net. If you have used the Walletgenerator.net to generate any addresses from August 17, 2018, then it is high time for you to transfer all the funds to other wallets that are not generated by walletgenerator.net. A security researcher named Harry Denley wrote in a blog post that the security of Walletgenerator.net is compromised on a high scale.

There was a glitch in the Walletgenerator.net code which has resulted in generating fake wallets. The generated fake key pairs are also stored in the server only.

The researcher suggested users create a new wallet and transfer all the funds to it as soon as possible. Some of the researchers have advised using the bit address generated via Github.

Harry further added that they are still in a shock about this event. They are in a confused state about the situation as there are so many chances involved in it. Either the website owner is aware of this glitch and used it to acquire funds or the code was malicious, and no one knows or both of them.

As of now, any spokesperson from Walletgenerator.com hasn’t come forward to make any comment.

Another security researcher named Lukas Stefano has warned people about downloading the fake crypto apps. If observed properly, there are so many fake crypto apps available in the Google Play store and App store of Apple. Hence he has advised being extra careful while downloading any of these fake apps.

Recently a fake app impersonating Trezor was found in the app store. So crypto users should be able to identify which app is fake and which is real.

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