US presidential candidate calls for more cryptocurrency technology in the US

Andrew Yang, a Democrat who wishes to achieve the position of president of United States next year, envisions a bright future of the United States that involves cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that would lead to the more integrated development of the society. Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and the founder of an organization named Venture that acts as an aid to entrepreneurs who wish to create certain job positions in certain cities such as Cleveland, Pittsburg, Baltimore, and Detroit.

Andrew Yang had been one of the keynote speakers at the Consensus 2019 conference which was recently held in New York. His speech included many things related to cryptocurrency and blockchain that impressed the audiences. Andrew Yang is of the firm opinion that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology should be a significant part of the future of the United States.

The presidential candidate is of the view that the U.S is lagging behind the blockchain technology because of which they are unable to achieve integrated development of the society. He further stated that the absence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has also led to a loss of the technological development of the U.S.

Andrew Yang, the US presidential candidate, has even developed a generic framework for the creation of specific regulations so as to provide a clear definition and tax rules that could lead to a better understanding of the various agencies that are in control of the digital assets.

In a recent interview, he even stated that it is the need of the hour to clearly figure out as to which agencies would interact with the individual currencies. It leads to a lot of troubles and confusion to create new frameworks every time a new currency comes out.

Andrew Yang further has stated that though he himself does not own any crypto but has made investments in a product that includes crypto holdings.

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