Tip Anyone on the Internet With The Help of Brave Browser

Brave Browser, one of the product project that was built on Google Chromium, is popular among cryptocurrency users. Some of the stand out features like an in-built ad blocker and privacy features has made this browser famous among the crypto enthusiasts. The browser has now added another attractive feature which made it even more special. The company tips the viewers for watching advertisements on its browsers. The users can choose whether they want to see the ads or not, and if they want to see, they will be paid 70 percent of the ad revenue as a reward.

This happened in April 2019. Now even before completing a month since the launch of their new feature, the company added another feature to the website. If you like any content that you see on Twitter, YouTube, or Twitch and want to compensate them for such great content, you can do it via Brave Browser.

Yes, if you use the desktop version of these platforms on Brave browser, you will see a tip button beside every tweet. You can tip the content producer in the form of BAT Tokens. The person has to set up a brave account in order to receive these tips. If they don’t have any account, the tip will be stored or 90 days with a donor and will be returned to him/her.

Brave has published highlights on the official website stating that the users can now tip to anyone directly from their browser.

BTC manager has reported on April 29,2019, that Brave browser and facility donations have crossed 100,000 publishers who accept BAT tokens in the form of either donations or payments. In January, this number was close to 28,000, and in the span of three months, it attained a lot of growth.

The main reason why people these days are opting for Brave is its privacy policy and quickness.

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