Tether (USDT) to be backed by crypto exchange platform FlashDex

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun has made an announcement in his Twitter account stating that the ongoing forth TRC 20 based-USDT shall be backed up by the crypto exchange firm FlashDex. The FlashDex is said to be a TRON based decentralized crypto exchange platform which has been designed to take care of the user’s orders and their various assets with the help of smart contracts. The operation carried out by FlashDex to take care of the orders of the users and their multiple assets are successfully undertaken without any participation of transfers taking place between the users and the exchange.

The TRON developers and Tether Ltd. through their joint efforts have developed and launched the crypto exchange platform, FlashDex earlier in April 2019. The TRON team had put forward a report that consisted of the significant developments that have taken place in the arena of decentralized application ecosystem.

It is reported that the TRON network now consists of almost 2.3 million TRON  accounts. The platform also consists of nearly two hundred forty-six types of decentralized applicants. Furthermore, the TRON network currently consists of nearly seventy-one decentralized applications all of which are related to gambling.

As per the report provided by the TRON team, there are almost 54 decentralized gaming application, 14 dApps and 86 high-risk dApps that are associated with the crypto exchange platform. The reports have stated a very active user based platform as well with almost 70k users using the platform in every 24 hours. The active user based platform has further led to more active transactions.

It is also reported that Justin Sun has also announced the partnership that would take place between TRON foundation and the professional football club, Liverpool. However such reports of association of Liverpool with the TRON foundation has been denied by a spokesperson of Liverpool.

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