Telegram’s Blockchain Secrets are Revealed as Project Reached the Beta Development

According to the recent reports, Button published a blog post has explained how their recently launched Button Wallet works. This Button wallet works on the Telegram Open Network.

In the present ICOs available in the market, Telegram is very popular. The ICO raised nearly two billion dollars and is on the top of the market capitalization ratings. If the tokens of Telegram gain their real value or approximate real value, then it will emerge as the top of the market capitalization rankings.

Button Wallet has praised the TON platform a lot. It has stated that TON is one of the most reliable platforms available in the market right now. TON is planning to monitor the transactions with the help of sharding. Sharding is nothing but a blockchain which can be connected with other shard chains and shards. The users can use these shard chains to connect with each other. These shard chains use hypercube routing technology.

TON is equipped with both master chain and shard chain. TON is using both of these chains to provide its users with never before fast transaction experience.

There are four roles in Telegram Open Network that the people have to participate in

  • Validator
  • Fisherman
  • Collector and
  • Nominator

The most intriguing role among these four is the fishermen. The fisherman should be on the lookout for invalid transactions, if they find any, the validators will check it, and if it has proven invalid, then they will be remunerated. The validator who validated that invalid transaction will be penalized. This fisherman feature will keep validators alert not to approve any kind of invalid transaction.

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