Ripple is All Set to Expand Its Operations After Noticing Great Performance

After Bitcoin, Ripple is one cryptocurrency that has a lot of popularity and worth too. It is one coin that has experienced a great surge recently. In the first weekend of May, Bitcoin has experienced a huge spike, and the value of the coin increased by 110%. Although Ripple hasn’t observed such high benefits this year, the currency is doing pretty well when compared to the other kind of cryptocurrencies that are present out in the market. Smarteum has recorded that even before BTC experiencing the bulls in April, XRP has kept displaying the bullish impetus for a long time.

It is an undeniable fact that the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable. Many coins have experienced a brutal fate, and their value was decreased to the lowest levels. Similarly, Ripple has also gone through some rough phase, and the value of this asset was decreased by 85 percent at one point of time. The coin suffered a lot to achieve global recognition in the crypto market.

In order to aid and increase the value of XRP, the company released the use of case MoneyNetint. MoneyNetint is a robust partner for Ripple.

The main reason for bringing this MoneyNetint into the picture is to offer the use cases for XRP  via this platform. This proves the capacity of Ripple for the opponents.

The company has also released a live XRP chart which shows the increase in the XRP payments. If the number of payments keeps on increasing at the same level, the coin will reach the bullish momentum similar to that of in 2017.

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