Opera’s Cryptocurrency Wallet is Adding TRON Support

Web browser Opera’s cryptocurrency wallet will be adding TRON support and provides support to the TRC standard tokens. Opera told that it would add more currencies in the near future. As of now the browser only supports ETH coins and the coins that are based on ERC-20/ERC-21 standards.

The company announced its TRON support via Twitter. The twitter post says

“The first browser with Web 3 capabilities, @opera, is announcing its intention to support #TRX and other #TRC-standard tokens. Opera’s Crypto Wallet will allow hundreds of millions of users to play #TRON games and access TRON #DApps within the browser.”

This expansion of cryptocurrency support from Opera proves that they are interested in Web 3.0 more user-friendly and inclusive than it is as of now.

Opera is the first Android browser which has launched a crypto wallet on its own. In 2019, the feature was extended to the web browsers and iOS version is still in beta stage. The new features of Opera will help people in making the transactions and also interact with Web 3, the internet of the future.

Opera is one of the most prominent browsers which is used by more than 300 million people. With the integration of the blockchain, the company is promoting the usage of cryptocurrency. The digital asset will be even closer to the masses from across the world. Opera is making a great impact on the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

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