Microsoft Email Accounts were Used to Steal Users’ Cryptocurrency- According to a Report

The MotherBoard has reported on April 29th that the hackers used various types of Microsoft email accounts to steal the cryptocurrency of users. Microsoft offers various kinds of email services- MSN, Outlook, and Hotmail. There are several users who are affected due to this attack.

One victim has posted on a Dutch tech forum that the hackers used his email account to reset Kraken account password and access it. He has claimed that he lost one bitcoin in this attack. Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and users usually link it with their email ids for accessing the platform.

Several Reddit users have claimed that they had a similar experience. Microsoft has looked into the issue and stated that the first security breach happened between January 2019 and 28th March. The hackers reached out to the users in the name of Microsoft agents. They have sent out the malicious emails which have helped them in hacking the accounts altogether.

When the incident happened, Microsoft has assured the users that the hackers would have accessed the metadata related to emails like the contacts, etc. and said that they hadn’t accessed the content present in emails or any attachments.

Right after two days, the reports have stated that hackers were able to read the email content. Microsoft hasn’t responded about this breach yet.

This happened exactly a week after the “blockchain thief” incident where the thief stole some millions of Ether due to the weak passkeys. There are reports that Coinbene lost $100 million in March which the company is denying till now.

All these incidents are raising the security concerns for cryptocurrency owners across the world.

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