iOS Mobile Users Can Now Use the Bitcoin Cash Register is a platform that concentrates on mass adoption of the Bitcoin cash (BCH). One of the best ways to make the people across the world adapt Bitcoin is by getting the merchants to accept it. Yes, if the merchants are ready to accept the Bitcoin, people will surely start investing in it. In order to make this possible, has launched an app for Android users. This app is named Bitcoin cash register and is just a simple point of sale application that will help any person to accept BCH payment.

The company didn’t stop with Bitcoin cash register for Android, right after one month they have launched the app for iOS too. The company used Twitter as a platform to announce its iOS app.

Similar to the Android version, the iOS version also needs a person to have a valid cash address. You can download this app by going into the Google App store. All you have to do is search for Bitcoin cash register, and you will get this app. It is of 21 MB in size, and the user interface is pretty interactive. After setting up the app, you have to enter a valid BCH address.

This app creates Bitcoin invoices. If you want to bill someone for $5, all you have to do is enter that in the app. It will create an invoice with the cryptocurrency value that is equal to the $5 with a QR code. The opposite person should just scan the code to pay the amount. The entire process is pretty simple and useful for the merchants across the globe as it works on two widely adopted platforms.

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