First IEO Private Round of Roobee is Closed with 1 Million USD Transaction from a Crypto Whale

Roobee is a blockchain powered investment service. Recently the company got a whopping amount of 1 Million USD as an investment. This amount is nearly equal to the worth of 200 BTC. This investment closed the first round of private sales instantly.

The millionaire who transferred this amount is one among the top 250 Bitcoin holders in the world. He sent the amount from his wallet to Robbee’s wallet  including the message “In Roobee I Trust.”

This particular investor is known for investing good amounts of money in Korean projects. He is a very big crypto enthusiast and has brought Binance exchange tokens right after they were announced for sale. He has made an announcement saying that he trusted Binance in its earlier stages and brought the exchange tokens immediately. Now the value of these exchange tokens has reached their historical maximum. He said that he had seen the same potential that Binance has in Roobee and has invested in it. This is not the first time Roobee is dealing with such big whales. Back in 2018, a person has invested an amount of $4.5 million in Roobee and later earned $200 million worth of cryptocurrency.

The main reason why Roobee is attracting these many investors is its feasibility. Even though a person doesn’t have a complete idea about blockchain or cryptocurrency, he/she can invest in Roobee without any efforts. From $10 to $1 Million, people can invest the amount that they line in Roobee with ease. The contributor who has invested one million has stated that the price of bitcoin may shoot up in the near future.

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