Fidelity’s Texas Office is Full of BTC ASICs As the Company Started Bitcoin Mining

The institutions and organizations out there never invested in the cryptocurrencies, and this is one of the crucial reasons for cryptocurrency not attaining the mainstream position. But there is this news that will affect the cryptocurrency market; a lot of it is real.

An industry insider and Bitcoin developer named Justin Moon has stated that one of the biggest companies in Wall Street is now into mining of Bitcoins.

Fidelity Investments is one of the most famous financial organizations on Wall Street. This company is now involved in the mining of Bitcoins, and it already has a room full of ASICs (Bitcoin miners) in their Texas office. News BTC stated that this is the first time on Wall  Street institution has especially as big as Fidelity Investments is into mining the cryptocurrencies and is actually participating in the blockchains.

This isn’t the first time Fidelity Investments is in the news about its involvement in the cryptocurrency industry. Previously, Fidelity’s crypto chief Tom Jessop has claimed that the CEO of company Abigail Johnson herself was mining the BTC in her office back in 2015.

Jesop has also said that the R&D division of the company is testing the Bitcoin payment network.

The tweet from Justin Moon has triggered a lot of opinions from people across the world. Most of these tweeple are happy with this announcement, and some stated that there is nothing new in this tweet as Fidelity started publicly mining cryptocurrency long back.

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