Facebook Blocked “Now We Accept Bitcoin” ad of Origin Kebabs

With the revolution of blockchain, so many industries are incorporating its payment systems and Origin Kebabs isn’t an exemption. This Australian based fast-food chain has started accepting Bitcoin payments in Queensland stores. The company announced that they would accept BTC payments in more outlets soon.

Origin Kebabs is working with blockchain platform TravelbyBit and is accepting likes of Etherum, Binance Coin and Lite Coin. The Lightning Network Functionality will help in receiving the payments. TravelbyBit has entered Australia in the month of March with Binance Lite. Now people can exchange their small amounts of fiat cash with Bitcoins in the news agencies.

Burhan Gokta, the manager of Origin Kebabs, stated that “After learning about crypto, I knew I had to make it a part of our business. It’ a no-brainer to sign up with TravelbyBit. I am very excited that we are going to be the first to adopt BNB payments at Point of Sale, following the launch of the new Finance Chain.

Origin Kebab has planned to market about this new payment acceptance on Facebook and posted an advertisement stating that “now we accept Bitcoin.” Facebook blocked the post and said that the ad “promotes financial products and services such as binary options and initial coin offerings that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.

Although the company never talked about ICO, Facebook flagged their post. One of the users stated that this is due to the use of word “Bitcoin” and advised the company just to add the word in image and remove it from the description of the post and added that Facebook would surely approve such post. Other user advised using the term “virtual currency” instead of Bitcoin. Facebook hasn’t responded about the issue yet.

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