Four different wrong notions about electric automobiles

Many people have flooded in the market to purchase battery-electric automobiles during this pandemic. Their sales have significantly risen to 4.7% in the U.K. In July, Hybrid EVs, BEVs, and Plug-in EVs registered 18% of total sales. Despite a noted surge in electric vehicles’ sales, there are those tainting their advantages with false myths, probably to maintain their existence. Out of the many myths flooding the social media concerning the disadvantages of using EVs, below are four recurring issues; 

1. Electric automobiles are manufactured from polluting minerals excavated by teenagers

It is absurd to hear a person praising fossil fuels -driven vehicles and insulting electric cars. That makes you wonder if such people ever watch the news or go through articles on EVs. Lithium can be found either from brine or mines. Most massive lithium is obtained from the sea, and the process requires a lengthy evaporation process. Here, no child labor is needed. 

Lithium is found in vast amounts in countries like Chile, China, Australia, so lithium quantities will never exhaust. The absurd thing about EVs critics is that they only focus on vehicles and not other devices like phones and computers. 

The other mineral is Cobalt, and many concerns have risen on how it is mined in DR Congo by children l. Cobalt has been used in lithium-ion batteries for a long time. However, EVs manufacturers have decided to opt-out of the use of Cobalt in the EVs. One main reason being the high cost of the mineral.

2.  Electric vehicles are highly flammable

This notion follows two incidences where electric cars went down into flames. One was from the Ford Kuga PHEV and the Rimac Concept_One electric hypercar. The second crush was because the driver was not skilled enough to control the car, and not because it was an EV. People need to understand that lithium-ion batteries have a different response to the fire on fossil fuel engines. 

3.EV battery is not long-lasting 

Nothing lasts for long, even EV batteries. They degrade as time goes by, and so their efficiency. However, you can replace old batteries with new ones, which is an obvious thing we do with even our smartphones. 

4. EVs are costly 

Almost all EVs are way too expensive, having 30% alone on the battery. However, recent figures on EVs reveal a reduction in their cost, but one has to consider some small expenses like charging at home and the charging stations.