Elon Musk Calls Out Lidar Technology as a Fool’s Errand

Elon Musk and his company Tesla, are trying to bring the automatic driving cars into reality and are betting pretty big on it. But the critics are stating that the company has to adopt the Lidar technology into their cars as it is important for the automation technology. To be frank about it, Elon hates this Lidar technology, and this is the reason why he never incorporated it into Tesla’s cars.

The Tesla automation cars are failing time and again in the tests, and people are furious as it has resulted in the loss of many lives already. Despite the failure, Musk is not ready to accept the Lidar technology. From critics to the automation engineers in Tesla itself, everyone is suggesting him to incorporate this technology for automation cars.

As the number of critics who are advising about Lidar technology increased, Musk started bashing the technology. He said

“Lidar is a fool’s errand, and anyone relying on it is doomed.”

The consistent failure in the automation of cars has resulted in the reduction of Tesla’s stock price already. The Lidar technology can help in forming the 3D picture of the road that is ahead. The laser beams from Lidar are capable of measuring the distance between the objects present on the road and the car. This way, Lidar has so many benefits in the automation of vehicle.

As of now, Tesla is using RADAR technology and video cameras in their autopilot cars. The chances of using Lidar technology is very less as Musk has already let everyone know his stance about cars. The lidar specialists believe that Musk is doing a big mistake by not incorporating this technology.

CEO of Quanergy Systems, Louay Eldada stated that a car with radar and video camera is irresponsible with the people’s lives.

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