ECB Declares Crypto-Currency as Non-Threat Investment

The European Central Bank or ECB, Eurozone’s chief financial regulator, has published its report on crypto-currencies and their associations on the financial balance of the region. The paper took an impartial stand towards digital assets and stated that they weren’t intimidation to the economy.

Crypto-currencies have evolved from a tiny niche to an industry with a $250 billion market capitalization in less than ten years, but their extensive growth seems to have been hard to follow. Financial indexes across the globe have been fighting with how to watch an enterprise, and assets, that are hard to track. Countries such as China, Taiwan, and Russia have all condemned crypto-currency transactions and have worked out of their way to constrain the industry.

Therefore, the European Central Bank, the Eurozone’s principal economic regulator, has taken on the charge of carrying a thorough review of the business industry every few years. These reports were issued in 2012 and 2015. The bank’s May report is described “Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructures,” and very significant than the two preceding ones.

When analysing the crypto market, and Bitcoin, in particular, the statement raised attention concerning money laundering, market probity, and consumer assurance. It acknowledged that these are real risks the market faces and has yielded any further analysis of the matter to “pertinent authorities.”

However, the European Central Bank discovered that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies in the market posed no major threat to the fiscal stability within the union. While cryptocurrencies were reported as being “more unstable than traditional stocks, bonds, and assets,” they have no actual impact on the original economy, the report asserted. Therefore, they don’t and shouldn’t have any important involvements for financial strategy.

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