eBay is Planning to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Soon

Digital currency is acquiring the market slowly and is becoming more mainstream than it was earlier. The people are interested in making payment in the form of cryptocurrency, and now even the merchants agree with it. Recently some of the retailers like Whole Foods, Crate and Barrel and Nordstrom have already started accepting the payments in the form of cryptocurrency. Now the e-Commerce giant eBay is going to be added to this list.

The big firms across the world understand how powerful cryptocurrencies can be and hence they are incorporating them into their business. eBay is also considering the option of accepting the cryptocurrency payment. If eBay agrees with the payments in the form of cryptocurrency, it is going to be a great advantage for the users.

Usually, the crypto investors used to convert the amount into cash in order to make any transaction, but with this new payment mode, they will be able to pay the amount using cryptocurrencies.

According to the reports, it has been said that eBay started considering this payment mode for a long time, but they were unable to implement it due to different reasons. Now they have come to a conclusion of including cryptocurrency payment mode on their platform.

The firm will accept only BitCoins at first and then Binance Coin, Etherum, Ripple and all the other coin payments. As this is the first time they are accepting the digital coins, the company is planning to accept coins with high user rate.

In Consensus, 2019 at New York eBay announced publicly that they would accept the payments in the form of cryptocurrency. They are planning on creating their own Alt Coin in the future too.

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