eBay is Denied the Hints about Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment

Since two days there have been some rumors about eBay accepting the payment in the form of cryptocurrency. There were so many hints that have stated the same, but none of them were given by eBay. But an official spokesperson of eBay has completely denied these rumors. It is said that the company is not yet ready to jump into the digital currency world. The spokesperson particularly said

“Cryptocurrency is not accepted as a form of payment on the eBay platform, nor is it part of our payments strategy.”

The co-founder of KoinStreet Roshan Mirajkar stated that eBay would accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method sooner or later. The evolution of cryptocurrency and the benefits that both customers, as well as the company, will get from it will surely make cryptocurrency a part of the payment on eBay. The company hasn’t denied crypto rumors at first only which made the rumor even more intense and now they will be pressurized to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

There is another company which also got into this rumor- TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade is a company that is involved in digital payment trading industry. There were rumors circulating that this company will start accepting the trading in the form of cryptocurrency which the company has denied. The digital assets head of TD Ameritrade Sunayna Tuneja has stated that they are not accepting any cryptocurrency payments at present and they have the paper money which will be used for all the trading purpose.

TD Ameritrade has recently tested the crypto trading platform, which was the main reason behind these rumors, but the company has issued a statement that they won’t be launching the crypto trading option as of now. Although these companies haven’t embraced crypto, yet, there are so many retailers who have already started accepting the payments in the form of cryptocurrency. Whole Foods, Crate, and Barrel are some of the examples.

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