Cryptocurrency: Picking up Steam or Fizzling Out?

The future of cryptocurrency is up in the air – people are wondering whether it will hit an all-time high, or whether it will crash and burn in the investment world. Firm predictions aren’t entirely accurate, considering no one knows how cryptocurrency markets work – also considering this is the first era that has ever had to deal with such a digital form of money.

However, there are opinions rapidly rising from all areas of the world as we speak.

The Picking Up Steam Version

Analysts are currently trying to convince the public that a “big change” is headed our way in the cryptocurrency phase of money … but is that true?

They’re called crypto-evangelists, and they have a pretty open mind about the market. They want people on their side, and that’s not such a bad thing if you think about it. Whenever someone is convinced a new and upcoming product is going to take off, why wouldn’t they try to win over the general public?

The market capitalism, according to these people, is going to explode in the next five or so years, and that’s groundbreaking news to some.

Picking up steam is a sure way to look at the prospect of the cryptocurrency world. It is, by all means, only in the beginning phases, and can only get better from here. New advancements and transitions can be added to better the system, after all.

And, if the cryptocurrency world does come into a massive amount of success, all of the investors involved will practically have as much digital money as they want to work with.

But that’s just one side of things – and at best, it’s still just a hypothetical prediction.

The Fizzling Out Version

On the other side of the spectrum, people are wondering if cryptocurrency schemes are really worth the time and effort. It’s a scary, digital world to work with – especially when you have no history to go off of.

Logistics are pointing towards a downward spiral for digital money. Long-term values of the currency system are not as high as one might think – or so the negative side says. According to them, the face value is likely to be $100 at the end of the day; not the predicted $100,000 that everyone is claiming it to be.

Even investors like Warren Buffet are warning those interested in cryptocurrency to stay away. Warnings claim that all the digital money you invest may be stripped away within hours, considering there’s no government backing system. Hackers may hit, and systems may crash. Fizzling out may be the way to look at things.

What Are We To Believe?

Articles can’t tell you what to believe, though.

All they can do is give you the facts and allow you to do what you will with the information provided.

Will cryptocurrencies become the new digital gold of the world? Or, will they begin to take away all the investments you put into the system?

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