Chinese Government is Supporting Malaysia to Develop “Blockchain City”

Malaysia’s shipping lane Malacca Strait will be converted into a blockchain city very soon. Malacca covers 835 acres coast in Malaysia, and with the help of the Chinese government, this place will become a tourist blockchain city with astounding infrastructure. The details were confirmed in a press release on April 26th.

The main goal of this project is to convert the most important shipping lane Malacca Strait into Melakas Strait City. Chinese construction company China Wuyi as well as Chinese investment firm Sdn Bhd and SWT International are backing up this project. The founders are estimating that they will be able to raise nearly 500 Malaysian Ringgits for the project in the initial phase.

The infrastructure of this blockchain city is something that must be discussed. Both Chinese and Malaysian government is planning on making it the best blockchain based tourist city in the world.  The whole infrastructure of Melakas Strait City will depict the blockchain industry. DMI platforms will be provided where people can buy DMI coins. These DMI coins can be used to all the government based services in the city

The main goal behind this city is to develop a place where the operation of businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. will be completely different. As this is the first blockchain city in the world, the anticipation building up around it is pretty intense, and both governments are expecting to have 3 million tourists every year.

They are planning to have 200 acres of area for recreational purposes, chalets.

CEO of project Lim Keng Kai stated that their company is using world-class technologies to make this place the best tourist destination in the world. Government has already given their approval to modify the land and restructure its area. Tourists who visit Melaka should exchange their fiat currencies into digital ones in order to get any service done. They provide DMI applications that support various operating systems like iOS and Android.

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