Cardono Foundation Joined the Hong Kong Fintech Association

Cardano Foundation has joined Hong Kong Fintech Association and became its newest member. The Fintech association of Hong Kong in short FTAHK is an autonomous institution which focuses on various tech sectors present in the market. Different managing sectors like AI, Blockchain, online payments, data, RegTech came together and structured this association.

The volunteers from various technical industries work in this committee while it is funded by shareholders from Hong Kong. The main reason for the establishment of this committee is to create an ecosystem where various technologies that are available right now can be used effectively.

FTAHK mentions on its website that their community is established for the betterment of the society. The volunteers who are active participants in this community are enthusiastic and careful about how to use the technology. They worry about the future of Fintech in Asian countries and hence are trying to make all the things easier for people. They are mainly focused on the growth of Fintech industry in Hong Kong.

Cardano Foundation is an organization which was established in 2015. This organization mainly focuses on creating a new cryptocurrency, which is viable and stable as well. This technology is aiming at providing better crypto transfers as well as to create simpler financial applications.

Cardano has constructed its blockchain on various layers ensuring that the maintenance can be done with ease and the systems can be upgraded with soft forks.

This relationship of Cardano foundation and FTAHK may help in fulfilling the Hong Kong’s dream of using the Fintech technology in various other industries too. The stakeholders and dealers are happy with this move.

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