Blockstack and Spartan group come together for the Asian expansion

The news that Blockstack and Spartan group have come together for the Asian expansion has come has a very delightful surprise for all the blockchain enthusiasts. The Blockstack is a top rated decentralized computing network which is spreading in its wing at the global level which is very much evident from the latest developments that it has undertaken. The Stacks Blockchain in Q4 was released last year by the Blockstack which is experiencing growth at a rapid rate.

Blockstack is all set to promote the decentralization of assets with almost over 13 events being conducted in Asia and by reaching out to 1500 developers. Blockstack is said to have gained its momentum of growth in Hong Kong and its collaboration with the Spartan group is yet to take its success to another new level.

Blockstack and Spartan group have come together to co-host several events in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many more places. It also has been reported that Blockstack would be taking the aid of Spartan group to translate all the technical documents into the local languages to make their event reach out to the masses more effectively and comprehensively.

Both the leading companies, Blockstack and Spartan group have chosen Asia as their area of operation as the Asian continent is considered as the most prominent driving force that has led to the immense popularity of bitcoin and Ethereum. Apart from this the Asian region also consists of the biggest mining pools as well and is also a developing technological area with advanced manufacturers and chip designers.

The ultimate aim of Blockstack is to create a decentralized and open internet that can protect the privacy of all the users which has become a major concern in the advancing technological world.

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