BitCoin Worth is More than $7000 Now, Highest Value since September 2018

BitCoin is at its best phase after September 2018. The value of one Bitcoin right now is $7000 which is the highest in the past seven months. The cryptocurrencies have gained momentum on the weekend and are traded at a fast pace. The price of both Etherum and Alt Coin is also increased over this weekend.


Today morning the price of BitCoin was $6,981.45. On the weekend its price was $7,585. According to Bitstamp, the BitCoin price increased by $1000 in the past two days. After falling down for all time low price in December, it took very less time for BitCoin to regain its value. In December 2018 Bitcoin value fell to its all-time low price of $3,100. Now with this surge, the coin was able to regain the losses it got in a quarter. The value of BitCoin is double its value in December, but there is still a long way to go for it to beat its all-time top value $19,000.

Virtual currencies and its future is something that people always debate on. Two major cryptocurrency exchange sites were fallen prey for the hacking this year, and this is the main reason why people are worried about the cryptocurrency. Binance announced publicly last week that 7000 BTC worth of 40 million USD was withdrawn in a single transaction. This is the long scale security breach, and despite the increase in the value of cryptocurrencies, these security issues are creating havoc in investors mind.

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