BitCoin Revenue has a Spurge, Elon Musk has Tweeted Etherum and Many More Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin has picked up the pace, and its value is increasing as if the sky is the new height. The main reason behind this unnecessary spurge is not yet revealed. The past week has witnessed a lot of positive developments in the cryptocurrency industry. Bakkt, the crypto exchange platform has discussed its Bitcoin future and the custody system.

Facebook is one step closer to launch its own digital asset, and the Fintech company Square made an announcement that the retail investors are interested in BTC and are demanding for it.

Co-Founder of Coinbase is Leaving the Company

The Co-founder of Coinbase Srinivasan is leaving the company. He hasn’t revealed about his future plans yet but said that all the time that he has spent at Coinbase is memorable. Some weeks before this incident, two of the oldest employees of the company- Adam White and Don Romero has left the organization.

Elon Musk Tweeted “Etherum”

The Space X and Tesla companies founder Elon Musk has dedicated an entire tweet for one word “Etherum,” later he replied for the same tweet “JK.” His intention about these tweets is still unclear as he has said nothing about them later.

Fidelity Witnessed Overwhelming Demand for Cryptocurrency

Fidelity, a Boston based company, conducted a survey about cryptocurrency and has seen a great response from the users. More than 22% of institutional investors are exposed to the digital assets already, and 40% of the US based people have already invested in some amount in the digital assets. This survey has clearly depicted the craze for digital currencies among investors.

HTC to launch New Crypto-Friendly Smartphone

HTC is planning to launch its new cryptocurrency friendly smartphone into the market. The companies first smartphone Exodus 1 has acquired a good amount of craze, and now they are releasing its successor into the market.

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