Alibaba is Planning to Incorporate Blockchain Technology for Intellectual Property Protection

Alibaba, the Chinese Conglomerate company, is now planning to integrate the blockchain technology in order to protect its intellectual property. Alibaba is one of the prominent retail, e-commerce, technology, and internet organization in China. The company has accumulated popularity in other countries too. The company is now planning to use the blockchain technology into intellectual property protection. This blockchain technology will help in protecting the property and digital copyrights.

If the latest reports are to be believed, Ali Xizhi told that the company is in plans to update the blockchain technology to upgrade to the process of filling the intellectual property rights. He stated that if everything goes perfectly, Alibaba will complete this September 2019. This move will lead to the integration of blockchain with digital copyright protection platform.

Tens of millions of small as well as medium brands and enterprises will get the service of this Ali IPP. This platform will link all the international brand’s electronic deposits to internet courts. This will provide them an option to protect the litigation rights.

Alibaba’s financial services launched two of the blockchain subsidiaries in March 2019 naming-  Ant Blockchain Technology that is focused on software development and the Ant Double chain technology is responsible for the innovation in financial information services.

With the use of blockchain technology, Alibaba is successful in keeping track of rice produced in the Wuchang district of China. This tracking helped in aiding both people and government.

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