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CART- Asia’s Largest Decentralized NFT Art Marketplace

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What is NFT?

NFT, also known as a non- fungible token, is a data unit kept on a blockchain, a digital ledger that makes digital assets unique hence not interchangeable. NFT can represent anything, including audio, music, photos, videos, in-game items, collectibles, designer sneakers, virtual avatars, sports highlights, GIFs, and other digital files.

NFT tend to be different; they cannot be exchanged from another since they have a digital signature making it impossible. This is different from cryptocurrencies and physical money, which are tangible. Therefore, they can be exchanged or traded for another.

How it works

NFT is stored on a blockchain that records transactions. This is similar to cryptocurrencies. Generally, NFT is kept on the Ethereum blockchain. However, other blockchains support them too. It can be compared as digital items. For instance, instead of getting a physical item, you get a digital file. In addition, NFT has one owner at a time. The data allows the owner to verify ownership and transactions easily. Furthermore, the owner can hold specific information, like an artist can sign artwork on NFT’s metadata.

What is NFT used for?

NFT allows investors to monetize their assets. For example, instead of artists relying on galleries to sell their art, they can sell directly to people as NFT. This allows them to keep more profits instead of using an intermediary.

Decentralized NFT market- CART

CryptoArt or CART is a popular and the largest and most popular decentralized NFT marketplace in Asia. It includes NFT creation, auctions, sell, collect and transfer. CART requires potential artists to submit their applications to councils for verification in order to list their products.

Additionally, CART will launch movies, photography, music, and innovative models like Dao governance, joint community names, Defi+NFT mining, and bid rebates in the future. Currently, CryptoArt has ranked first in Asia in terms of the number of artists, amount of art transactions, and rate of art transactions.

Unique advantages of CART

  • Focus on the art industry: CART has focused on developing encrypted art. It has artists in more than 40 countries across the world. They have a sales rate of more than 60%.
  • Creative Defi+NFT mode: CryptoArt combines DeFi( high liquidity) and NFT( high value capture). This dual mechanism helps to increase the circulation of value through liquid mining pools.
  • Active and efficient: this platform’s technology has helped to solve NFT art currents problems. For example, it deals directly with real artists to create a unique NFT. Furthermore, it identifies cross-platform conversations between collectors and artists hence maximize artists’ exposure.

NFT program on ZB

Anyone who wants to start an NFT collection needs to get essential items. First, you should have a digital wallet allowing you to keep NFT and cryptocurrencies. ZB is a reliable digital wallet that strongly supports NFT development in Asia.

ZB has launched several NFT programs, including:

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