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Strike cryptocurrency wallet has added the function of converting salaries into bitcoins

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In different countries, more and more employees want to receive salaries in cryptocurrency. Strike, a developer of solutions for the governments of El Salvador and Tonga, has added the ability to convert salaries into bitcoins to the wallet.

The Strike cryptocurrency company announced the launch of the “Pay Me in Bitcoin” service in its wallet, which will allow users to directly convert a salary or part of it into bitcoins. The owner of the wallet will not need to receive fiat money, and then convert it into bitcoins or buy cryptocurrency for them. All operations will be performed automatically, it is enough to configure them once. The new service from Strike saves the employer from having to pay their employees in cryptocurrency. The employee decides for himself whether to receive a salary in fiat money or bitcoins.

In fact, Strike has combined the payment of salaries, the transfer of money from users’ personal accounts to an exchange account and the purchase of bitcoins into a single process. So far, this payment method is available only for users from the USA. The payment service did not report that the company is going to add the “Pay Me in Bitcoin” function for users in other countries.

There is nothing unique about Strike’s offer yet. The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase even earlier offered users similar opportunities with a wider selection of cryptocurrencies. Users can receive salaries in more than 100 cryptocurrencies traded on the platform, including bitcoin and ether.

Recall that Strike has been cooperating with the government of El Salvador for a long time in developing a program for the introduction of bitcoin as a means of payment in the country. Now the Strike payment service is negotiating with the island state of Tonga on the introduction of its wallet into the payment system of the state. A member of the Tongan parliament from the ruling faction is preparing a bill according to which bitcoin will become a legal means of payment on the islands.

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