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Bitcoin has not entered the “perfect cryptoportfel” of Real Vision

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The creators of @Real Vision Bot, the most popular social media bot that conducts statistical financial surveys, have found out the composition of the ideal portfolio for a crypto trader. Respondents were asked to choose 30 digital currencies and place them in descending order of investment valuation.

The results of the survey are posted on the Twitter account and the portfolio “collected” by the bot does not contain Bitcoin, but it is worth noting about the fact of collecting information at the beginning of the week before the strong growth of the main cryptocurrency.
The obvious bet on technology in the published rating of digital currencies is another explanation for the absence of BTC. The top five are headed by Polkadot, whose blockchain system will unite all networks with smart contracts into a single whole. It is followed by the Solana blockchain with a proven processing capacity of 400 thousand transactions per second, 7 times higher than VISA’s capabilities.

The placement of Polygon in third place indicates that traders are counting more on the option of scaling Ethereum using second-level protocols than on the near merger of the “old” blockchain with the ETH 2.0 network.

The topic of combining various blockchains into one ecosystem once again slips into the choice of Cosmos in 4th place. The Terra network in fifth place shows that the times of MakerDAO’s unconditional dominance in the algorithmic stablockin industry are coming to an end.

The portfolio collected from @Real Vision Bot surveys actually reflects all promising consensus algorithms, including the IOTA acyclic graph and decentralized file storage in Filecoin. This did not prevent investors from adding meme DOGE, service tokens of the leading FTX and Binance exchanges, and platforms for the sale of NFT tokens to the rating.

Analysts of Real Vision remind that the survey reflects only the desires and moods of traders, and not the real positions in the market.

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