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Salvadorans actively exchange dollars for bitcoins

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Residents of El Salvador are increasingly exchanging USD for BTC.

    Residents of El Salvador – the first country to recognize bitcoin as an official currency – began to exchange the usual dollars for cryptocurrency more often. Referring to the Chivo wallet team, President Nayib Bukele said: during the day, about 24,000 requests for $3,000,000 were received from citizens.

    The exchange in the direction is facilitated by an extensive network of ATMs with digital currency support. The Central American state with a population of just over 6,000,000 people boasts the third largest network of cryptomats – there are more than 200 of them in El Salvador. Only the United States and Canada managed to get ahead of El Salvador.

    Meanwhile, Salvadorans and residents of other countries seem to have an incentive to invest more actively in BTC. The exchange rate of the #1 coin approached $ 63,000 on the news of the approval of the first Bitcoin ETF by American regulators, and trading in the exchange-traded fund will start on Monday.

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