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Prices May Fly to All-Time Highs

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BakerySwap and DODO bulls are in the driving seat. After lower lows, BAKE may break above a key resistance trend line. Meanwhile, DODO could rally to $2.5.

BakerySwap (BAKE)

The DEX is active on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), using BAKE for governance.

Past Performance of BAKE

After periods of lower lows, the BakerySwap token is bouncing back.

The BAKE crypto is up to three percent on the last trading day, outperforming the greenback.

At this pace, the BAKE token may breach above a multi-week resistance level.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

Technically, the BakerySwap crypto is bullish.

With a spike in trading volumes and favorable BAKE technical analysis, the coin might surge above $2.5.

When it happens, the BAKE token may rise to $3 in a buy trend continuation pattern.

BakerySwap Technical Analysis

Prices May Fly to All Time Highs

BAKE prices are shifting for the better, drawing demand.

Since BAKE/BUSD prices are within the October 14 bull bar, every low may offer entries for aggressive, risk-off traders.

At the same time, a close above the primary resistance level may see a lift-off and entry of risk-averse traders setting sight on $3—or better in the days ahead.


The DEX is multi-chain with a differentiated AMM using the DODO token for governance.

Past Performance of DODO

The DODO token is printing higher in a bullish breakout pattern cementing this week’s gains. From the daily chart, DODO is up to five percent as buyers angle more gains in the weeks ahead.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

There is a shift in trend and DODO crypto buyers are in control. On the lower end, the middle BB and $1.1 are levels of support.

Presently, DODO/USDT prices are banding along with the upper BB signaling strength.

For this reason, traders can search for entries in lower time frames aiming for $2.5.

DODO Technical Analysis

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The DODO coin candlestick arrangements in the short term favor buyers.

As such, traders may find entries in lower time frames, aiming to ride the wave higher.

Notice that the surge of October 15 is with high trading volumes, pointing to interest from traders.

Besides, the high-volume bar is now aligning with the upper BB suggesting a momentum build-up. Unexpected dips below $1.1 and the middle BB cancel the uptrend.

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