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Steam Bans NFTs and Blockchain Games

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Steam, a popular video game digital distribution service operated by Valve, has moved to purge all games that involve non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or cryptocurrencies, NME reports.

An update added to Valve’s onboarding page states that such applications shouldn’t be published on Steam in a blow to gamers who are embracing the new technology.

With blockchain-based games of the likes of Axie Infinity surging in popularity, the gaming world seems to be divided over NFTs.

In late September, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney definitively rejected the idea of exploring NFTs. In a scathing tweet, the head of the Fortnite maker described the booming crypto sector as “an intractable mix of scams.”

In the meantime, a recent job posting published by EA Sports, a division of Electronic Arts, suggests that the iconic video game company is ready to dip its toes into NFTs.

As reported by U.Today, Grand Theft Auto 6 is also rumored to include in-game cryptocurrencies.

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