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NuCypher (NU) Saw Extensive Growth of 1000%

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The native token of the decentralized data sharing platform NuCypher, NU saw a significant price increase of around 1000% in the last day, reaching its all-time high of $3.58.

The surge happens exactly one year after the platform was launched. Nucypher is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a privacy framework for the decentralized web.

Among the reasons for the surge are announced listing by crypto exchange Upbit and partnership with the Keep Network, which is also a privacy layer. NuCyopher announced that soon it will join with the Keep project to launch Threshold Network and tBTC v2.

One year ago today the NuCypher network launched.

Since then, thousands of stakers and dozens of dapp developers have discovered threshold cryptography.

And soon, the true era of threshold cryptography, as we join with @keep_project to launch Threshold Network and tBTC v2.

— NuCypher (@NuCypher) October 15, 2021

By tBTC v2 the platforms provide a bridge between Bitcoin and DeFi, while Threshold Network presents techniques to protect information.

The network’s founders are the CEO of the decentralized exchange platform Curve and Morgan Stanley, who previously worked as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley.

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