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In El Salvador, salaries will be paid in Bitcoin

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In El Salvador, where Bitcoin is accepted as an official means of payment, no catastrophe has occurred, despite apocalyptic predictions and fierce criticism. The citizens of El Salvador are still skeptical about cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, the authorities are trying to do everything so that Bitcoin is accepted everywhere.

Today Strike, the wallet partner of the large-scale bitcoin project of El Salvador, announced its new “Pay Me in Bitcoin” feature. Users can transfer part or all of the direct deposit to Bitcoin, without a commission fee. Strike CEO Jack Mullers believes that this will enable everyone who has an application account to receive a salary in Bitcoin.

Such an initiative should help the citizens of the country get used to a new type of means of payment, remove wariness towards Bitcoin. However, it will take a lot of time to turn the situation around.

Recall that according to a survey conducted before the law came into force, the majority of residents of El Salvador were against the law, and its adoption led to numerous protests. V. Buterin also spoke out against Bitcoin, noting that the tactic of pushing BTC to millions of people in El Salvador without any attempts to get a preliminary education is reckless and risky. Buterin’s criticisms are understandable, because he would probably like ETH to be accepted as a means of payment.

But it is unlikely that the President of El Salvador would accept ETH, given its problems with scalability and high commission fees.
We can say that El Salvador is a global experimental platform where a new system of financial settlements with cryptocurrencies is being rolled out. The president of the country took a risk when he decided to introduce Bitcoin into the financial system, but it seems the risk was justified.

Now other countries are closely monitoring what the situation in El Salvador will be like next, and if everything goes well, other countries may begin to accept BTC as an official means of payment.

Most likely, in a few months, the cautious attitude of the residents of El Salvador to Bitcoin will disappear, and it will be perceived as another currency.

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