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bitcoin should be in all grocery stores

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In Texas, they insist on providing residents of the state with full access to cryptocurrency.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will make every effort to make the southern region a home for bitcoin. Abbott was previously remembered for promoting blockchain bills and helping miners who migrated from China to the Lone Star State. This time, the head of the 2nd largest American state goes further – bitcoin should be accepted in every grocery store.

    Radical changes in the state’s policy took place in September – a working group investigating the crypto industry appeared at the House of Representatives, and amendments were made to the trading code, allowing virtual coins to be considered as a full-fledged financial instrument.

    Abbott is also known to those who are far from technology. On October 12, the Governor of Texas imposed a ban on compulsory vaccination of employees of firms operating in other states. He recalled that Joe Biden’s government exceeds its powers and resorts to intimidating the private sector.

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