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Will PERP Hit $20 by the End of 2021?

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The word “Defi” refers to a growing trend. In general, it refers to a class of blockchain-based decentralized apps (DApps) for financial transactions. Decentralized finance (“Defi”) refers to financial services that are based on the decentralized principles of blockchain technology.

Decentralized derivatives platform Perpetual Protocol has an ecosystem fund based on token swaps. It would enable projects that integrate with or build on top of the protocol.

Keep reading to understand more about Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction 2021, PERP price prediction 2022, and until 2025.

What Is the Perpetual Protocol?

Perpetual Protocol is a virtually automated market that facilitates swap trading. The concept of perpetual swaps allows speculating only on price without having to acquire and sell the underlying asset.

The perpetual protocol is an on-chain derivative, bolstered by three protocols. Perpetual will initially support Charm, dHEDGE, and Lemma Finance. These are explained below:

Charm: Charm is ecstatic to be working with Perpetual Protocol to create liquidity vaults. The new vaults will combine Alpha Vault’s industry-leading competence with Perpetual Protocol’s experience in creating liquid marketplaces to create new vaults.

dHEDGE: It is the most widely used decentralized asset management protocol, allowing fund managers to trade on Synthetix on behalf of their clients. Synthetix will be able to become more capital efficient due to the Perpetual Protocol’s future integration since they will be able to utilize leverage on both the long and short sides.

Lemma: Lemma is the first and only trading protocol that allows users to profit automatically by using the price differential between spot and eternal markets.

Lemma Finance is already operational on the Rinkeby test network. Users will deposit USDC to the protocol and share arbitrage earnings proportionally when it is launched on Arbitrum.

The project’s goal is to exploit the price differentials between spot and derivatives markets to create capital-efficient marketplaces for protocol users.

Let’s see PERP coin price prediction for the upcoming years.

Price Analysis of the PERP token

Flashback:  Fundamental Analysis of PERP

The current circulating supply of PERP is 21,795,505.23. Binance, Gate.io, and others are currently the top cryptocurrency exchanges for PERP.

The sections below outline the PERP coin price prediction for the next five years.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction 2021

The PERP price estimate varies from $13.35 to $18.1. The PERP price may exceed $23. PERP forecasts a negative market price of $6.9 in 2021. PERP is trading in a range of $12.81.

If the price breaks through the trend line support level of $10.5, it will lower to the $6.9 level. If the pattern holds, it will shortly hit the $18.10 level.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction 2022

The price of the PERP protocol will reach $25.65 in January 2022. However, by the end of December 2022, the price of Perpetual Protocol will decline to $22.68.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction 2023

Perpetual Protocol is expected to be $30.18 in January 2023. Furthermore, it will rise to $32.83 by August 2023 and decline to $27.33 in December 2023.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction 2024

Despite ending the year on a bearish note, the PERP protocol will reach $35.33 during January 2024 and increase to $39.08 in November 2024. However, in December 2024, the price of Perpetual Protocol will again dwindle to $27.33.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction 2025

Perpetual Protocol Price Prediction 2025 provides that PERP coin holders will earn $41.83 per token in January 2025. Nonetheless, the earnings will decline to $34.65 in December 2025.

Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction: Market Sentiment

The price analysis of PERP coin by various media outlets is listed in the section below-

Wallet Investor

According to Digital Coin Price, the price of Perpetual Protocol cryptocurrency will climb from $15.01 to $54.55 in the next five years. By 2022, it will have risen to $25.26 and will continue to grow in 2023-2024.

Digital Coin Price

As per Digital Coin Price, the price of the PERP crypto may reach $41 by January 2025. In May 2025, the price of DDX coin will decrease to $39, and then in December, it will further decline to $34.

Coin Arbitrage Bot

The highest possible Perpetual Protocol price in the next three years is $96.51, and the lowest possible Perpetual Protocol price is $6.93.

Coins Kid

For the month of December 2021, the average Perpetual Protocol price is $14.02. The price of the PERP coin will be around $17.72 at the beginning of April 2022. The price of Perpetual Protocol is expected to be $29.25 by the end of January 2023, with a 5% change in January 2023.

The price of the PERP protocol will reach $59.32 in December 2024, then grow to $68.71 in December 2025.

Gov Capital

According to Gov Capital, the PERP coin may reach $100 by the end of 2022.

Our Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Price Prediction

Perpetual Protocol is software that aims to encourage a distributed network of computers to run a derivatives exchange where users may buy and sell contracts.

Users of the Perpetual Protocol do not need to trust a specific organization or group of people to execute trades; all they need to believe is that the code will run as intended.

Does PERP coin deserve a place in your portfolio?

If you are a patient person when it comes to making money and wants to invest for the long term, PERP should be in your portfolio. We estimate that it will be worth $20 by the end of 2021. Long-term investments, on the other hand, are extremely helpful.


Perpetual Protocol is a relatively new Defi entrant, but it has lately experienced tremendous growth. Moreover, its native token PERP has increased by 72 percent.

  • Perpetual Protocol is an on-chain crypto derivatives platform that allows users to trade crypto-asset options.
  • The new version, dubbed Curie, would provide market makers with concentrated liquidity, allowing them to choose specific price ranges for their liquidity.
  • Greater capital efficiency will also result in higher pricing for options traders, comparable to those of centralized exchanges.

According to price forecasts by media portals, the average price of the PERP coin will be worth $17.85 by the end of 2021, according to Perpetual Protocol price prediction 2021. Moreover, PERP price prediction is quite optimistic as the coin is expected to rise to $40 in the next five years.

Cryptoknowmics readers are advised to make sound investing decisions based on their own research. This piece is not meant to be taken as trading advice. Each investor should perform comprehensive research and become familiar with local jurisdictions before committing to an investment.

We will not be held liable for any decisions made as a result of reading this material, and we highly advise you to conduct your own research before acting. Omissions, errors, or typos may occur despite our best efforts to guarantee that the information presented herein is correct and up to date.

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