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The non-profit organization 2B4CH proposed to introduce bitcoin into the Swiss Constitution

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The Swiss non-profit analytical center 2B4CH proposed to make bitcoin one of the reserve assets of the Bank of Switzerland and reflect this in the Constitution of the country.

The 2B4CH organization was founded in Geneva in 2017. She is conducting research on how cryptocurrencies and blockchain can affect society, and what changes they can make to the financial sector. 2B4CH announced on Twitter the launch of a “people’s initiative” aimed at collecting 100,000 signatures for amending paragraph 3 of Article 99 of the Swiss Constitution.

In particular, 2B4CH suggests that the Swiss Central Bank could store bitcoin as a reserve asset along with gold. At the same time, the founder and chairman of 2B4CH, Yves Bennaim, is not sure that the regulator will agree with this proposal. Now 2B4CH is only checking the interest of citizens in this initiative. According to Bennaim, even if there are not enough signatures, discussions will be held on this issue aimed at informing local citizens about bitcoin, which will already be a success. If the initiative is successfully implemented, Switzerland will become a good example for other countries.

“If the vote is successful, the Swiss National Bank will have to learn how to add bitcoin to its reserves and store it safely. This will make Switzerland one of the leading countries in the cryptocurrency industry and will contribute to the multi-level development of the country’s economy,” Bennaim said.

Switzerland has long been loyal to cryptocurrencies. In the Swiss canton of Zug, you can pay taxes in BTC and ETH, many cryptocurrency companies are also registered there. Recently, the Financial Markets Supervision Agency (FINMA) approved the launch of the Crypto Market Index Fund— the first cryptocurrency fund operating in accordance with Swiss laws.

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