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Orion Protocol (ORN) and DAO Maker (DAO) Technical Analysis: Bulls Under Pressure

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Orion Protocol and DAO Maker prices are tracking lower. DAO may drop below $2.7, while losses below $7 may see ORN tank to a multi-week low of $6.

Orion Protocol (ORN)

The Orion Protocol aggregates liquidity from multiple exchanges and channels them via a decentralized gateway using ORN as the primary currency.

Past Performance of ORN

The Orion Protocol token is under pressure at the time of writing, losing roughly six percent versus the greenback.

Despite the rising crypto tide, ORN crypto has been printing lower lows for the better part of October 2021.

At this pace, the ORN coin may slide below September 2021 lows as bears of September take charge.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

Technically, ORN token prices are in range mode as per the ORN technical analysis of the daily chart.

However, since the Orion Protocol coin prices are within September 29 and October 1 bull range, buyers have a chance from a volume analysis perspective.

For this reason, the ORN price may shift if there is support and a double bar bullish pattern prints out.

If not, ORN prices would most likely sink below $6 in a bear trend continuation pattern.

Orion Protocol Technical Analysis

Orion Protocol ORN and DAO Maker DAO Technical Analysis Bulls

Down four percent on the last trading day, sellers have the upper hand.

Even so, there might be a shift for the better if ORN bulls flow back, reviving the coin at around September 2021 lows at $7. A break below this mark may see ORN crypto slide below $6.

On the flip side, support may ignite demand, offering support for ORN bulls targeting $10—September 2021 highs.

DAO Maker (DAO)

The DeFi platform allows retail investors to invest in promising projects easily. DAO is for governance.

Past Performance of DAO

After dropping to July 2021 lows, the bounce of DAO Maker prices has since the project’s valuation nearly double.

However, there are lower lows as bears flow back, slowing down DAO crypto bulls.

As of writing, the DAO token is down two percent, finding support at the middle BB.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

DAO coin buyers may have the upper hand as per the DAO technical analysis of the daily chart.

Even so, prices seem overextended, and the path higher is finding rejection as per the candlestick arrangement in the daily chart.

A close below $2.7 may draw more sellers targeting $2.5 and $2. On the reverse side, DAO revival could lift the coin back to $3.5.

DAO Maker Technical Analysis

1634030075 277 Orion Protocol ORN and DAO Maker DAO Technical Analysis Bulls

Sellers have the upper hand.

Deeper losses below $2.70 and the middle BB would potentially mark the end of the two-month uptrend traced back to late July.

Then, DAO may slide back to $2.5. However, an upsurge above $3.5 may be the basis for another swing higher back to 2021 highs of $8.5.

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