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Capgemini Reports About 45% of Consumers Around the World Will…

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An information company, Capgemini Research Institute finds out that the crypto payment option adoption will become paramount in the near future. More so, this is from a recent customers and stakeholders survey.

Additionally, the survey focuses on the world’s current payments landscapes. So, the survey offers a conclusive result that crypto adoption for payment is ready to spike. Of course, as Capgemini Research Institute reports.

There are considerations of Statistics from the Bank of International Settlements, the European Central Bank. Also, from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and other central banks.

Furthermore, Capgemini highlights that less than 10% of consumers around the world are currently using cryptocurrencies for payments. More so, the research institute goes ahead to predict about 45% of customers in near future will use crypto payments.

Cpagemini sets the target period within the next 1-2 years. Additionally, this is due to the rising need and demand for cross-border payments. Also, to high transaction fees concerns

Notably, Capgemini says crypto credit cards are leading the path. As far as, adoption rate is in consideration.

“Cryptocurrency market volatility indicates a lack of maturity…”
“Still, crypto-linked cards are taking the lead in the crypto-payments space…”
“fueled by global card player initiatives to create a fertile crypto-payments ecosystem.”

Capgemini mentions Russia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Also, goes to say they see potential in the adoption and regulation of crypto assets and stablecoins.
However, the study explains how other countries like China and Egypt are banning crypto assets.

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