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Bitcoin has every chance to overtake entire sectors of the economy

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At the moment, Apple has the largest capitalization, followed by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Bitcoin is in 5th place. If you look at the statistics, now the total capitalization of the stock market is $ 100 trillion, the capitalization of the gold market is $ 12 trillion, the capitalization of Bitcoin is already equal to one trillion dollars, and the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $ 2 trillion.

Bitcoin has every chance to overtake entire sectors of the

What can the above statistics indicate? Bitcoin has the potential to not only bypass corporations by capitalization, but also entire sectors of the global economy.

Now there is no doubt that Bitcoin has been able to gain a foothold in the global financial system, and despite the continued high volatility of the exchange rate, its price does not fall to the value that can be critical. The attitude towards it is changing even in the banking environment, where they are always extremely conservative and wary of new financial instruments.

In addition, Bitcoin, as well as blockchain technology, are increasingly used by companies in operational activities. And some countries, such as El Salvador, have already included Bitcoin as an official means of payment, and most likely this process will continue.

In order for Bitcoin to bypass entire sectors of the economy by capitalization, a whole complex of factors is needed, from transparent and understandable regulation of the cryptocurrency market, where the legislative field is still poorly developed, and to raising public awareness about cryptocurrencies.
Such a factor as the depreciation of fiat will also help in the further promotion of cryptocurrencies. Due to increasing inflation, the dollar and other currencies are depreciating more and more, which forces investors and bank customers to look for new tools to save their investments. In this regard, Bitcoin is one of the most well-known.

In addition, he is supported by the fact that he is not accompanied by a trail of dubious stories accompanying corporations and sectors of the economy, where cartel collusion and fraud with reporting periodically arise. Trust in him is at a high level, which can also contribute to his further upward movement.

When exactly will BTC be able to overtake the sectors of the economy? Perhaps this will happen in the next 5 years, and then digital gold, as Bitcoin is sometimes referred to, will become the most valuable asset.

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