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The bear market of bitcoin is already in the past

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The CEO of the investment company Pantera Capital, which works with digital assets, believes that the tough bear markets of bitcoin, during which its rate fell by 80% or more, are now a thing of the past

Dan Morehead noted that bitcoin has entered the post-halving era and there will no longer be extreme volatility of past market cycles:

“In my opinion, bitcoin has completed a 4-year halving cycle and is moving on to the next exchange rate era. We have updated the charts used since 2014, where the main bull and bear markets are displayed. The halving cycle was completed in April. There were some moments of uncertainty, such as China’s ban on mining, but now we are in a new bull market. I have repeatedly said before that as the market expands, its capitalization increases and institutional investors are attracted, the amplitude of exchange rate fluctuations will decrease.”

Morehead believes that bear markets in the new exchange rate era will become softer than the correction stages in 2014 and 2018:

“Even though we witnessed a pair of bear markets with an 83% drop, they are a thing of the past. Future bear markets will become insignificant. The previous two were with a drop of 61% and 54%.”

But the head of Pantera Capital also called the unpleasant side of this development:

“Nothing is perfect. The unpleasant side is that we are unlikely to see a rally with 100 x in a year. If one day bitcoin collapses by 83% again, then I will enter it with all available funds”

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