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Facebook crash, superhero passwords, Twitch leak and other cybersecurity events

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Facebook crash superhero passwords Twitch leak and other cybersecurity events

We’ve collected the most important news from the world of cybersecurity this week.

  • Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram have suffered one of the biggest disruptions in years.
  • The media reported that the US authorities are forcing Google to disclose data about users for their search queries.
  • Twitch has confirmed a data breach.
  • Large-scale failure occurred in Facebook services

    On October 4, users around the world reported problems accessing Facebook and the company’s WhatsApp and Instagram services.

    The work was completely restored only six hours later. This has become one of the largest product failures for the company in recent years.

    Later, Facebook said that the reason was a change in the configuration of the backbone routers responsible for coordinating traffic between the company’s data centers.

    The team also denied reports of a Facebook data breach that spread online amid the crash.

    Due to the unavailability of the company’s services, other social networks and instant messengers recorded a huge influx of users. For example, Pavel Durov reported 70 million “refugees from other platforms” in one day.

    Twitch has a data leak

    An unknown person posted on 4chan a link to a torrent file with almost 130 GB of Twitch data, including source code and details of payments to the platform’s streamers.

    Twitch has confirmed the leak.

    The company later said that user credentials and bank card numbers were not affected. The leak was caused by changes to the server configuration.

    Continuation of the case of the founder of Group-IB Ilya Sachkov

    A number of media outlets reported that investigators charged Ilya Sachkov, the founder of the cybersecurity company Grour-IB, with treason. He is suspected of providing information that constitutes state secrets, informed sources say.

    Dmitry Volkov, co-owner of Group-IB, stressed that the charges were brought against Sachkov, not the company, and the client’s data were not affected during the proceedings.

    Russia began to collect fines from social networks

    The bailiffs began the procedure for collecting 8.9 million rubles from Twitter in fines for refusing to delete content prohibited in the Russian Federation.

    In addition, the Moscow court asked the bailiffs to collect 26 million rubles from Facebook in the previously imposed fines.

    This week it became known that the company removed posts with illegal content in Russia on both Facebook and Instagram. This was reported to the media by a representative of Roskomnadzor.

    Mozilla reveals popular “superhero” passwords featured in leaks

    Mozilla experts said that users quite often choose passwords associated with superhero universes, but they do not save them from hacking. For the analysis, the company used data from the haveibeenpwned.com database.

    Google will enable two-factor authentication by default

    Google announced plans to activate two-factor authentication protection by default for 150 million users by the end of the year.

    In addition, the company will require two-factor protection for 2 million YouTube users.

    Media: US government forces Google to disclose user data for search queries

    US law enforcement secretly forces Google to provide data on everyone who enters certain searches, writes Forbes.

    In 2019, Wisconsin was looking for suspects of human trafficking and violence against minors. According to the publication, investigators asked Google to provide information and IP addresses of all who searched for the name of one of the victims, two spellings of her mother’s name and her address, for 16 days a year.

    The company provided information upon request in mid-2020, although court documents do not disclose how many users it has disclosed.

    Although Google processes thousands of such requests every year, Forbes calls the search query one of the most controversial, as it violates the privacy rights of innocent people, and the collected data can be used for abuse.

    “To make matters worse, the police do it in secret, which excludes this practice from public debate and regulation,” experts say.

    Several vulnerabilities have been fixed in Android

    Android developers have fixed over 50 vulnerabilities. There are also critical bugs. For example, one of the vulnerabilities can be exploited to remotely execute code.

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