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“The genius of forgeries” of famous paintings Wolfgang Beltracki will exhibit his works in the form of NFT

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On the NFT market, you can buy not only digitized copies of famous works of art, but also copies of copies. Wolfgang Beltracki will start selling his “works” in a few weeks in NFT format.

The genius of counterfeiting Wolfgang Beltracchi created the project
The Greats… In 2010, Beltracchi was arrested for $ 21 million worth of forging paintings and received 4 years in prison. Now the “artist” has turned to the NFT space.

It will release a collection of 4,608 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Beltracchi “tokenizes” the world’s most expensive painting “Savior of the World” in images of different eras. For this he used different styles: Renaissance, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Pop Art, “Factory Art” and others.

“The NFT marketplace offers artists a marketing platform and frees them from traditional marketplace mechanisms,” he said.

Not all NFTs are currently listed on The Greats website, details are promised to be revealed after the start of sales. Buyers will not know in advance which parts of the NFT painting they will receive. Using the VRF Chainlink standard ensures that NFTs won’t be used by anyone else, according to an artist spokesperson. In addition, the project has integrated the “The Graph” tool for creating infographics. Users will be able to see data on token sales in real time.

“What you see on the canvas is not the only thing that matters. Everything around: the sales mechanism, records of each owner, the technical side of the process are also part of the art, ”writes Beltracchi.

Artworks and other valuable items in the NFT format are already often sold for hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. In June, auction house Christie’s sold NFT of the original World Wide Web source code for $ 5.4 million, and in September, an auction was held for 202 tokens from the “bored monkey” collection for $ 24 million.

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