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The Bank of Russia started tracking your card-to-card transfers

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The Bank of Russia continues to fight illegal payments. This time, transfers from card to card between individuals came to the attention of the regulator. This is reported by “Kommersant” with reference to the corresponding request of the regulator to credit institutions.

According to the request of the Central Bank, Russian banks must provide data on the control of dropper operations by October 18. Droppers are citizens or companies to whose accounts the stolen money is withdrawn. The regulator wants to know the restrictions, limits and parameters of control over transfers from card to card. Also, banks must provide a register of transactions (including canceled and blocked ones) and the amount of commissions on them.

According to bank executives, in informal conversations, the regulator recommends that they minimize the volume of such payments between cards as much as possible. As an alternative, it is proposed to use the fast payment system (FPS) – it is easier to control such operations, but banks will lose commissions due to the use of the system.

At the request of Kommersant, the Central Bank noted that it is not going (yet) to prohibit anything: “There is no task of minimizing the volume of such transactions. The purpose of interaction with market participants is to study their risk management activities for such transactions. “

In early September, the regulator sent out new guidelines to Russian banks to tighten control over transactions between individuals. Cards and wallets, operations on which are carried out by more than 10 counterparties per day, have come under suspicion. You should take a closer look at cards and wallets for which at least 30 debiting and crediting operations are carried out per day, at least 100 thousand rubles per day are charged or debited. Cases when there is a short period of time between accrual and write-off operations are called suspicious. The Central Bank strongly recommended to promptly identify suspicious cards and wallets and apply measures to them.

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