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How many bitcoins did Riot Blockchain mine?

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In September 2021, the US public mining company Riot Blockchain produced 406 BTC. The volume of cryptocurrency mined since the beginning of the year was 2,457 BTC.

The figure was about 236% higher than Riot’s mined bitcoins in the first nine months of 2020.

As of September 30, the firm’s cryptocurrency reserves reached 3,534 BTC (~ $ 193.5 million). All coins are sourced from Riot’s own mining operations.

The company has a fleet of 25,646 bitcoin miners with a combined hash rate of 2.6 EH / s. Deployments are slated to increase by 2,000 units by November, delivered in September to the Whinstone data center in Rockdale, TX.

How many bitcoins did Riot Blockchain mine

Recall that Riot Blockchain buys a mining power provider for $ 651 million.

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