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Benjamin Cowen: Cardano will soon return to growth

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Crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen believes that Cardano is in a phase of accumulation, after which the altcoin will return to skyrocketing growth. Cowan explained that this is the expected scenario for an asset that rallied 300% from mid-July to September, hitting a new all-time high above $ 3. Writes about this RBC Crypto.

The analyst claims that at the moment the token is trying to maintain the $ 2 mark. If he succeeds, then in November this year Cardano may return to rapid growth.

Cowan added that updating Cardano’s all-time high will only be possible if the market is not shocked and the value of Bitcoin does not plummet.

On October 6, Cardano is trading at $ 2.3. Over the past month, cryptocurrency has fallen in price by 9%. The capitalization of the token fell to $ 73.3 billion. The asset ranks third in the list of the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, according to CoinGecko.

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