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Airtel Money partners with Ripple partner Flutterwave

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Airtel Money сотрудничает с партнером Ripple Flutterwave

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Mobile money service Airtel Money has partnered with Ripple partner Flutterwave to facilitate payments in East Africa.

Airtel Money partners with Ripple partner Flutterwave

In an effort to further diversify in the African market and increase its relevance, Ripple partner Flutterwave is now partnering with Airtel Money, Airtel’s mobile money service, which is available to Airtel subscribers in various African markets. Through this partnership, companies will be able to integrate Flutterwave into the various East African markets where Airtel Money is available.

This includes markets such as Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Rwanda. This will allow these companies to receive payments from Airtel Money customers, as well as make bulk payments to Airtel Money wallets.

The CEO of Ripple Flutterwave partner Olugbenga GB Agbula noted:

Our business goal is to continue to support African companies in digitizing their payment methods and introducing them to the world of opportunities that digitalization presents. We are delighted to partner with Airtel Money to further develop payment methods for local businesses that will enable them to provide more services to their customers, grow their customer base and grow their revenues.

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