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Mark Cuban: “people don’t want to spend bitcoin hoping for growth”

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Billionaire Mark Cuban said that people are less likely to use bitcoin for payment so as not to waste a valuable asset. They want to keep it safe, unlike DOGE.

interview For Fox Business, Dallas Mavericks basketball club owner Mark Cuban said few people pay for their tickets and merchandise with Bitcoin. This may be due to the fact that buyers are reluctant to abandon the cryptoasset, the value of which can grow dramatically over time.

At the same time, people prefer to use DOGE cryptocurrency for payment. They do not want to keep it for a long time, since DOGE does not have the same growth and development prospects as Bitcoin, the entrepreneur added.

“We sell thousands of dollars a month in the off-season, and a lot of people pay for them at DOGE. I expect that after the season opens, payments in this cryptocurrency will occur even more often. DOGE is easy to spend and is not valued so much that people want to keep it forever. As for bitcoin, people consider it a good store of value and wait for it to grow, ”said Kuban.

The billionaire was asked what he would do if Dallas Mavericks players want to receive all or part of their salary in bitcoins. Cuban replied that it would not be profitable, given the costs of converting dollars into bitcoins and the commissions for their subsequent sending. It will be much more effective if players buy BTC on their own.

Previously, Kuban was considered a supporter of gold. However, a few months ago, he stated that Bitcoin could outperform gold as a hedge against risk.

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