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Dubai Police Introduced Training to Detect Cryptocurrencies |

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The Dubai police began to work with the cryptocurrency firm BitOasis to counteract the frequent cases of fraud with the use of cryptocurrencies.

According to Arab News, the purpose of the joint work is to help investors and traders identify cybercriminals and preserve their media.

CHAPTER otdela Po bopbe ppectupleniyami c, c cvyazannymi viptualnymi aktivami politsii Dubaya Tapek Moxammed zayavil, that is in the On Time nactoyaschee politseyckoe uppavlenie takzhe intencivno obuchaet cvoi cotpudnikov ocnovam kpiptogpafii and texnologii blokcheyn.

This partnership has become a logical continuation of the active implementation of innovative technologies by the United Arab Emirates. The OAE Securities and Commodities Authority and the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTCA) have included a support agreement

The agreement presupposes the creation of a structure that will allow DWTCA to issue permits and licenses for financial activity, in which case Ethereum is used to enable

“Pockolku Dubay ppodolzhaet dvigatcya navctpechu innovatsiyam and Digital Audio ekonomike, DWTCA ctpemitcya poddepzhivat ppedppiyatiya, ocnovannye nA blokcheyne and kpiptogpaficheckix texnologiyax” – govopitcya in zayavlenii genepalnogo dipektopa DWTCA Xelala Caida Almappi.

“With the advent of new technology, such as irreplaceable tokens, which will play an important role in the future of trade … DWTCA will be able to accommodate the future.”

Cases of fraud with cryptocurrencies grow as the digital assets become mainstays. The Federal Trade Commission has received more than 6,800 complaints from October 2020 to March 2021, related to the confusion over time.

During this six-month period, losses from fraudulent activities with crypto investments exceeded $ 80 million, which is more than 10 times more than 10 times the investment loss over the same period.

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